Angel Alchemist Certification & Training
6-Month LIVE Online Training
with Corin Grillo, psychotherapist, author, speaker, healer & teacher
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Train in the radical art and science of working with Source and Angel Energy to create miracles — in your own life and in the lives of those you serve.

Build your successful intuitive healing business with support from a gifted circle of Angel Alchemy Mentors — and a soul-aligned global community of your fellow Angel Alchemists-in-training.

You know you’re meant to be a healer... 

Wherever you are on your business journey, it’s already your life’s work and the reason you’re here on this planet.

You are ready to make your kickass living as an intuitive healer.

And yet… the think-INSIDE-the-box world we’re living in today can make it tough to embrace your true calling. At times, it can even seem impossible.

Working through the core beliefs and fears embedded deep in your subconscious — the social imprints the world prescribes to tell us how to live and who to be — can feel like a full-time job...

… especially when you’re trying to make it all happen all on your own.
What if you could heal, grow, and launch your mega-successful intuitive healing business while surrounded by gifted Angel Alchemists and Angel Alchemists-in-the-making — led by Corin Grillo, psychotherapist, healer, and teacher?

Join Corin for the 6-month Angel Alchemist Certification & Training and learn to work with Source and Angel Energy to create mind-blowing miracles — in your life and your clients’ lives, too.

You’ll banish your limiting beliefs so you can embrace your true calling as a healer and build your successful intuitive healing business.

It's time to listen to the inner call that’s begging you to do life differently. To take beautiful and extraordinary risks...
Corin’s 6-month sacred container is a miracle-making center for you and your fellow future angel guides. You’ll receive more than 100 hours of material so you’re fully equipped to become a life-changing, certified angel alchemist.

The author of The Angel Experiment, Corin came out of the “Spiritual Closet” in her psychotherapy practice after witnessing a miracle that was so mind-bending and extraordinary, it changed her life forever.

This intense spiritual awakening led to her discovery of profound intuitive and healing abilities that she’d had no idea were inside of her.

It’s time to break away from the blueprint our culture hands you the day you’re born… sure, it feels safe and comfortable sometimes, but you’ll be limited and stuck forever.

You deserve a life that overflows with the wealth, health, and joy that unfolds when you challenge your limitations and finally let your heart lead you… not your fear.

Join Corin Grillo and your angel alchemy community as you cultivate the confidence and clarity it takes to pursue your deeper mission  — and put it all into action as you build a successful intuitive healing business.

Watch Corin's Free Workshop, The 3 Secrets of Becoming a Magnetic, Mind-Blowing Healer, Below.
This LIVE online 6-month training features a powerful lineup of LIVE online workshops and integration sessions — plus self-paced digital trainings.
The Academy has produced some seriously gifted intuitives and healers.

Healers that have manifested true miracle healings for their own personal healing and for their clients.

You don’t even need to consider yourself gifted or intuitive to kick ass in this program! Come as you are, and Corin will walk you through the steps to help you remember your deeper gifts

See what past graduates have to say about their experience below:
In this 6-month training with Corin, you’ll discover:
Spiritual FIRE so you’re confident and clear as you step into your power as a badass healer and intuitive
Fundamentals of Miracle Healing the body, mind, and soul through aligning with the power of the Divine 
Angel and Archangel Channeling to receive clear messages and powerful healing for yourself and your clients
Chakra and Energy Body so you can clear out whatever’s not serving you and open your portal to source
Mediumship Techniques to hone your skills as a mediator between the spirit and earth-bound realms
Practices to strengthen your intuition so you can receive information for the Universe with ease
Self-Care Survival Skills and Psychic Self-Defense for Healers and Empaths so you can dump toxic energy and not feel overwhelmed by everyone’s sh*t
Energetic Boundaries and Cord-Cutting techniques so you’re no longer controlled by toxic relationships and trauma from the past.
The Radical Art of ThetaHealing Certification to clear unconscious patterns with Creator Energy once and for all — so you can get on with your life and start living out your mission.  (And so you can blow your clients’ minds with your miraculous healing artistry!)
How to read Angel Oracle cards to build your trust and receiving power
And so much more...
PLUS, this year’s certification has gone through a juicy rebirth and mega-upgrades...

We’re talking more content, more connection, more community, and more miraculous healing power!

Live Online Gatherings
This unique hybrid training includes LIVE sessions with Corin PLUS digital teachings and events. We kick off with an Immersive Opening Ritual & Foundation Workshop October 16. This special event will lay the foundation for you to become a channel for the Divine and set you up for the 6-month certification and training — preparing your mind, body, and spirit!

Live monthly sessions begin on November 3 and wrap with a closing ceremony on May 4, 2022.

Following the Immersive Opening Ritual & Foundation Workshop, you’ll move through 6 LIVE 90-minute monthly sessions with Corin — PLUS 6 integration and practicum sessions with Corin’s Angel Alchemist Facilitator Team.

Each monthly session with Corin will include teaching, interactive practices, and live Q&A!

Your six months with Corin will include:

  • Psychic Development Level 1 & 2
  • Energy Training and Energy Boundaries for Empaths
  • ThetaHealing Certification Level 1 
  • Intuitive Angel Healing 
  • Angel Channeling
  • Mind Map Mastery
  • Mediumship
  • And so much more...
November, Month 1:
Principles of Protection & Energy Healing
(Live Session with Corin on Wednesday, November 3)

In this opening session, you’ll settle into your miracle-making center for the next six months as you begin working with the foundations of protection and energy healing.

You’ll explore how to:

  • Protect your own energy
  • Become fully grounded
  • The true meaning of energetic boundaries and how to hold them firmly in place
  • Focus on your energy field before someone else’s
  • Hold onto your own energy — and not take on the energy of others

Psychic Development Advanced

(November 12-13)

December, Month 2: 
Introduction to Angel Channeling
(Live Session with Corin on Wednesday, December 1)

Now that you’ve laid the foundation in your first month of training, you’ll explore how angels are not wimpy harp-playing creatures — but powerful warriors ready and waiting, 24/7, to hear from YOU.

This month you’ll discover how to:

  • Connect with your Angels 
  • Assemble your Spirit Team — who’ve had your back all along
  • Receive Angel wisdom through channeling for yourself and others
January, Month 3:
Pillars of Healing with Divine Spirit
(Live Session with Corin on Wednesday, January 5)

You’ll welcome in 2022 with abundance, joy and Angel Miracles...

Corin will guide you to dive into:

  • The Foundations of Angel Channeling 
  • Healing with Angels
  • Strengthen and grounding your energetic boundaries
  • Ways to maintain integrity in healing and honoring others.
  • Tapping into Angel wisdom to help guide healing in self and others
  • Accessing Angel healing to clear each chakra
  • Moving through a full chakra healing with angels
Depth Healing with Angels: Workshop & Practicum

(January 8-9)

February, Month 4:
Introduction to Theta Healing: The Power of Creator Energy
(Live Session with Corin on Wednesday, February 2)

This month, you’ll discover how to bring your brain into a Theta state (a deep state of consciousness) to connect with your Creator and Creator Energy.

As Corin will share, Theta healing amplifies all other tools and techniques. As you’ll discover, this advanced method equips you to create deep shifts within yourself and others — mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

In this session, you’ll prepare for the upcoming retreat as you:

  • Explore Corin’s Theta Healing Level I certification
  • Learn how to use ThetaHealing to release psychological and emotional trauma and imprints from this lifetime, past lifetimes, and heal your ancestral wounds
  • Learn how to deepen your channeling, healing, and mediumship abilities by connecting directly to Creator energy.
  • Release energetic and emotional energy at the soul level to heal trauma

Theta Healing Level I Certification

(February 25-27)

March, Month 5:
(Live Session with Corin on Wednesday, March 9)

This month, you’ll discover and strengthen your psychic and intuitive abilities as a mediator between the spirit and earth-bound realms.

You’ll learn how to tune into non-physical energy bodies to receive and share information that helps you and your clients transform, heal, and grow.

In this session, you’ll explore:

  • The foundations of Mediumship
  • The different types of Mediumship
  • Common myths about Mediumship (and what’s actually true!)
  • Honing your Mediumship and Psychic Abilities
April, Month 6:
Initiation & Establishing Your Healing Practice
(Live Session with Corin on Wednesday, April 6)

This month you start working with real international clients (referred directly to you from Corin! Yep, you get Corin’s clients to work with and put everything you are learning into practice!

In this business special session, you’ll stay laser-focused on how to launch your new career, move your goals forward, and create change in any area of your life so you’re free to take the leap and launch your career.

During this pivotal month, you’ll:

  • Receive an initiation into becoming a healer as you bless your practice
  • Skip the learning curve as you prepare your business to accept clients right away
  • Learn proven ways to market your business
  • Become rooted in the best practices for ethics, integrity — and happy clients
  • Mentorship as you build your own practice with your own clients
May, Special Event:
Closing Ceremony & Certification Celebration!
(Live Session with Corin on Wednesday, May 4)

(The exact schedule is subject to change based on Angel Guidance… they always give Corin input during the Certification and Training based on who shows up and exactly what’s needed!)

What do you believe is possible for you in your life and work? It’s more than you ever imagined!

Corin will show you how to dream even bigger — to help guide you on your journey towards expansion, abundance, and service as you embrace your life’s calling. 

The Academy is currently closed.

Your Angel Alchemist Certification
& Training Bonus Collection
(Valued at $699)

Psychic Development for Spiritual Badasses Level 1
2-Day On-Demand Video Workshop with Corin
Receive FREE instant access to this powerful 2-Day workshop, where Corin will guide you to ignite your intuition, develop your psychic abilities, and set you and your soul gifts free!

You’ll learn to grow, ground, and protect yourself as you separate out the noise. You’ll discover your intuitive guidance — your divine guidance. And you'll detox from other people’s crap, and learn to fully embody your Divine signature and blueprint...

During these 2 pre-recorded sessions, you'll:

  • Discover How to Channel Divine Guidance
  • Build Confidence in Your Intuitive Abilities So You Can Rely on Your Gifts No Matter What
  • Smackdown Other People’s Toxic Energy So You’ll Feel Less Stressed & Hear YOUR Intuition Loud & Clear
  • Overcome Spiritual Blocks & Stop Getting In Your Own Way
  • Unleash Your Cosmic Superpowers to Heal Yourself & Others
  • Cut Through the Mental Crap to Get Clear On Your Purpose
  • And so much more!
Accelerate Your Intuition
3-Hour On-Demand Intuition Activation Training with Corin

Receive FREE instant access to this 3-hour virtual training, where you'll discover how to evolve your heart, mind, and soul to its highest vibration so you can feel strong, confident, and receive divine guidance for your unique soul mission.

During this pre-recorded workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to quiet your mind with the help of angels, so that you can hear, feel, and/or see angelic guidance more clearly
  • How to discern true intuitive guidance from false guidance, so that you can bypass the psychic noise, and capture true angelic nuggets
  • How to receive clear angel messages and intuitive guidance for yourself and others so that you can blow minds with your psychic awesomeness
  • How to receive clear angel messages and intuitive guidance for yourself and others so that you can blow minds with your psychic awesomeness
  • A powerful angel activation and initiation, to help you channel higher levels of angel frequencies.
  • And more!
Unlock Your Divine Healing Power
3-Hour On-Demand Healing Activation Training with Corin

Receive FREE instant access to this 3-hour virtual training, where you'll experience how magical & miraculous you truly are by working with Jesus, Archangel Micheal and Archangel Raphael to tap into your Angel healing ability.

During this pre-recorded workshop, you'll discover:

  • How to unlock your deepest healing power
  • Exactly how to create healing miracles with Source, Jesus, and the Archangel
  • Ways to weave and direct incredible Divine energies into every area of your life — to heal your body, heart, mind, relationships… even your bank account 
  • Ways to send healing energy across land and oceans — and send to people that aren’t in the same space as you
  • How to sense the different energy patterns of Jesus, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael
  • And more!
Join Angel Alchemist Certification & Training

  • Eight live video teachings, or just listen to the audio from your favorite device, in the comfort of your own home.

  • Video Recordings of Every Session
    Soon after each session, the video will be available for you to stream in high-quality format. Should you miss a session, you can catch up when you watch the recording, anytime and anywhere — on any connected device.

  • Audio Recordings of All Sessions
    After each session, the audio will be available via high-quality MP3. Should you miss a session, you can listen in and catch up at your convenience.

  • Bonus Prerequisite course:
    Psychic Development for Spiritual Badasses Level 1
    2-Day On-Demand Video Workshop with Corin
  • A Private Online Learning Community

    You will be invited to join the private Online Learning Community where you can access all the recordings, handouts, and other event information for the training!

Angel Alchemist Certification
& Training
The Academy is currently closed.
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Here's what some folks have had to say over the years about The Angel Alchemy Academy...

"The things you will learn about yourself are priceless. The bonus is that you will actually be able to communicate with the angels and learn what their signs and messages mean to you, and in turn, if you choose, you will be able to help others. And the very very best part is you become a part of a community that loves you for exactly who you are. There is never anything that needs hidden and there is never any judgement, it is a true community of love!"


I love this program so much. It has up-leveled me more and faster than anything else I've tried! Corin's guidance is so on point and I am full to bursting with gratitude!"


"You taught me what it means to be lead by spirit. THANK YOU. You not only impacted my life, but the lives of 2000 others!"


"Because Corin was so grounded and real I could trust in what she was saying. The fact she wasn't airy fairy and explained things from experience and with humor made it accessible for everyone and so appreciated! There is something for everyone in her work, and it’s so needed at this time. "


"I have changed so much over these 6 months. I used to be depressed, my body was full of disease, my home was filled with despair and in total disarray, but no more. Through Corin's teachings, I can honestly say “I Woke Up", now each and every morning I awaken with gratitude for my life, my family, and most importantly Love ...Love for ALL that is."


"I began this training hoping I could learn to work with the angels and heal my physical ailments. What I received was far beyond my expectations. I learned to fully trust my angels and my own self. I learned to love myself, love the little girl in me, learned to love all around me unconditionally and be of service to others. This training has revealed my darkest fears and limitations and taught me to transmute them into my own personal power. I am a renewed soul since joining this training and I am forever grateful to Corin for this fantastic, angel powered, kick-ass program!"


Hey there, I’m Corin Grillo.

I am trained psychotherapist, angelic channel, educator, spiritual instigator and #1 best-selling author of the book "The Angel Experiment."

I still remember how my first angel healing session, the angels knocked my socks off. Not only were the messages crazy accurate, but I could feel the energy moving through me. The energy felt bubbly, alive, and effervescent. Not heavy and hopeless like the way that I felt when I went in...

When I left the angel session I felt like a completely new woman. I felt lighter, brighter, insanely happy, and most importantly, I could actually feel my angels with me, and began getting amazing messages and signs immediately.

This intense spiritual awakening led to my discovery of profound intuitive and healing abilities that, at the time, I had NO IDEA were inside of me...

I came out of the “Spiritual Closet” in my psychotherapy practice several years ago. Now I’m committed to teaching others about the profound magic that lives inside of them and how to set it free with the help of the angels.


Can I ask questions along the way, as usual? YES! Ask away! This will be a dynamic and interactive training, and we will all be able to work together and see each other through Zoom video conferencing.

I can’t make it live. Will there be a recording? Of course! I will get you everything you need to make sure that you can have a deep and real experience at home by watching the recording.

Imagine what it would be like to finally have the confidence you need to pursue your deeper mission. It’s time to open your life to this beautiful gift...
Our team is passionately committed to creating and maintaining a culture of total inclusion and connectedness. We recognize that we are only able to thrive as humans when all cultures, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations are able to freely express themselves.

We are unwavering in our allyship. We believe love is love, Black Lives Matter, and women's rights are human rights. We celebrate and welcome humans from all walks of life with open arms.

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